Frequently asked questions

Why should I sell my mineral rights?

Oil and Gas properties are depleting assets because eventually they will stop producing. Selling provides a lump-sum cash payment which eliminates your risk in today’s volatile energy markets. Here are some other advantages:

• Estate planning purposes

• Cash for other investments

• Eliminate headaches for your heirs

• Tax saving benefits

• Payoff debt

How does the selling process work from start to finish?

  1. Contact our team to accept our purchase offer.
  2. Our team will provide you with a purchase and sale agreement.
  3. Sign and Return the purchase and sale agreement then after received our team will order a title report (at no cost to you).
  4. After your title has been confirmed, our team will provide you all necessary closing documents that will need to be signed and notarized then returned to finalize the sale.
  5. Lastly, after our team have received your executed closing documents, your payment will be issued (via bank wire transfer or certified company check if you prefer) to finalize the sale.


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